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"I had the extreme pleasure of working with the talented Matt Silver of The Silver Dynamic this year with the filming of our music video for "Before This Ship Goes Down." It was very refreshing to work with such a young and passionate director who was excited to share his ideas for our video, while still making sure to incorporate our own ideas. I came to Matt with a very specific concept for our video and was skeptical that I would be able to convey the look I was going for. I was so impressed by the way that Matt was able to make the story of our song come to life. I have already been recommending Matt to other bands and I really look forward to seeing what he does next."

-Colleen D'Agostino, The Material


"Matt Silver and his crew at The Silver Dynamic came through big time with our music video for "Walking With Ghosts". The critical portrayal of the battle with personal demons, along with the dark overtones imagined, were brought to life perfectly. Silver's ideas were fantastic and really hit home with what I felt when picturing a video for this song. From start to finish The Silver Dynamic were extremely professional, proficient and efficient. I hope to work together with them again in the near future."

-Matt Lande, Heaven Is Where


"The Yearbooks shot the video for "Season of Love" with The Silver Dynamic in the summer of 2009. In it's infancy, the concept for the video was post-modern; a retro throw-back to the pool parties of the 1960's. Reference points included the Beach Blanket Bingo films, as well as selected sequences from Viva Las Vegas (1964) and Dick Smart 2007(1967). Due to the acute nature of the aesthetic content we were hoping to achieve, and the emulation of pre-existing footage such as the above films, it was important to find a director who would not only understand our vision, but also bring it into fruition. 

Matt Silver was not only able to do this, but was also able to add a modern edge to the video that made it more contemporarily relevant. The production of the video was handled in the most professional sense possible, and I was frequently taken aback by the amount of knowledge and insight each crew member presented. The "Season of Love" music video was made possible by the dedication and passion of The Silver Dynamic, and it was one of the most abundantly productive working/creative experiences I have ever had."

-Eric Hehr, The Yearbooks


"We shot our first music video ever for the song "Tell Me What You're Thinkin" off our album "Think Fast" with The Silver Dynamic. He completely had the same vision for the video that we did. The video ended up turning out bright and poppy, (very well done) exactly how we wanted it to turn out. The song was produced by Ace Enders (The Early November) and this video definitely does the song justice."

-Bobby Weglarz, Just Left (Standby Records)


“When approached to film a video with The Silver Dynamic, we were skeptical because we wanted the video to perfectly portray the vision we had for the song. After a few sit downs with Matt Silver, the concept changed into this great idea that we all agreed on and knew was going to be a lot of fun to shoot. We couldn't have asked for a better video, a better or more professional production team, or a better director. This final product exceeded everyone's expectations and we couldn't be happier with the way it all turned out.”

-Gary Weissmann, The Fastest Kid Alive